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Bedroom Tips

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Use color and pattern to create mood

A soft pillow and comfy mattress may give the sleep an assist in sending you off to slumber, but bedding that glows with an invitation to snuggle can be just as effective. Bring a bed into full bloom using a colorful communication of floral patterns. Vary the scale of the flowers for interest, and stick to a single palette for a unified look that’s easy on the eye. The same principle applies to combining striped, floral and geometric patterns. Make sure each pattern features the same primary hue to make mixing and matching a success. Select cool or neutral hues to create a room that exudes serenity and calm. Look to bright colors to foster a sense of good cheer, energy and coziness.

Make the headboard a focal point

Elevate a bedroom to new heights of fashion with an eye-catching headboard. Soft and cushy with no hard edges, an upholstered headboard is an ideal choice when sink-in comfort tops the boudoir wish list. If you crave privacy and a sense of closure, use canopies or bed curtains to wrap your bed in luxurious folds of fabric.

Dress the windows for privacy and style

Bedroom windows generally need room-darkening window treatments that block light in the morning and provide privacy at night. In addition to such functional considerations, bedroom window treatments help set a room’s overall style. Swagged and gathered draperies communicate romantic elegance, Roman shades speak of tailored sophistication and shutters convey casual cottage style. Layer room-darkening shades with draperies to address both functional and decorative needs.

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