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We see carpet installations in bedrooms, recreation rooms and basements frequently where that cozy warm and soft feeling beneath the foot is desirable. A rug adds interest, warmth and layers to a home, and selecting one often depends on how you use a space.

When choosing the right kind of carpet for your home, there are a number of considerations for you to evaluate before deciding on the right manufactured style of carpet. Loop fiber carpets are not recommended for homeowners with dogs or cats, as the loops can "catch" on claws and reduce the useful life and new appearance of your carpet faster.

Choosing a Cut Berber style is a better fit, as it has no loops and will be more resilient in homes with domestic pets. The cut pile creates that cushioned feel that is soft and ideal for homes with children as well

Living Room

Wooden floors are a common feature in modern living rooms. A large rug will add texture to a wooden or tiled floor. Whether it is sisal or shag, it adds warmth and comfort to a living area.

A wall-to-wall rug is a great idea if you have a lot of hard flooring. However in a room where beautiful flooring is designed to be a feature, a rug acts as a layer in the room, but should not dominate it. This also means it's a good chance to try different shapes and designs that wouldn't usually fill a room, for example, an animal hide.

Within a seated area, it's best if a rug is large enough to have the sofa and chairs sitting over the rug.

Entrance ways and Hallways

An entrance way rug should set the tone for the house. A rug in the entrance can be a feature but also enhance a welcoming feeling by adding color and setting a theme for the rest of the interior.

If it sits in the hallway it needs to be durable as this part of the house encounters a lot of foot traffic. The size of the rug will be determined by the size of the space, but "a hallway runner should sit evenly in the center of the space.

A rug under the coffee table or in front of a fire place not only protects high traffic areas but also creates another layer of color or a point of interest.

Dinning Room

A patterned rug under a dining table is less likely to suffer obvious stains from food and beverages.

A dining room is often used daily, so a rug in this area should be durable to handle the constant movement of chairs and foot traffic.

We recommend a dining room rug should sit generously under your dining room table, at least a meter off the edges to allow for the set back of the chairs.

Colour is a personal preference, but be aware that a lighter carpet will pick up

and show food and beverage stains more than a darker or patterned carpet.


This bedroom rug is patterned, but the understated color means it's not a jarring element in the room. Bedroom rugs should be low-key, as this is a space for sleep and relaxation, and most people don't find bold, bright and patterned rugs relaxing.

The bedroom should be a reflection of what you enjoy on a relaxing and peaceful level visually a rug will need to flow with your existing interiors.

Bedroom rugs are especially popular on wooden floors because most people hate the idea of stepping out of a warm bed onto a cold floor.

Even with carpet, rugs can be used in the bedroom for a cosier atmosphere.

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