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Living In Luxury

Creating a luxury interior is so much more than just designing an interior.

It takes huge creativity, courage and experience to develop the depth and character of an interior and the occupier. The epicentre of luxury interior design is ensuring all materials are of superior quality, expensive furniture, elegant lighting, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, fabrics and art., glamorous antiques and opulent artwork connecting the deluxe fabrics with a sophisticated clientele. Usually the design budget is high or limitless.

However, the challenge for an interior designer of luxurious spaces is in presenting a cohesive, yet impressive design that meets the client’s tastes, needs and expectations

How it contributes to conjuring up positive feelings or emotions within is the goal. Ultimately, therefore, how your house interior can be made to feel luxurious is highly personal.

In our opinion, luxury, when applied to design, can be interpreted in various ways, differently from this definition that we consider an understatement. It most certainly isn’t true that they do not have a “usefulness corresponding to their price” when speaking of items that are truly and objectively prestigious, such as excellent finishes.

The term luxury can refer to the appearance of the piece of furniture, perhaps to its recalling the past. Hence the use of valuable typically ancient materials such as brocades, wainscoting and golden finishes, along with exclusive timber, with its vaguely vintage lines and


In the photo above, for example, the ceiling is painted a deep teal, playing off the room’s color scheme. The ceiling would be an easy thing to overlook, but in a high-end space, every element should be well planned and executed with a strong sense of relationship between them all.

The furniture must reflect the homeowners’ personal taste.

The possible choices are therefore numerous, as numerous as the different styles and possibilities offered by the brands of excellence of luxury furniture.

The current trend, even when speaking of luxury, is minimalist furniture. The basic, essential and geometric shape allows room for the chosen material. The detail and the material, is what makes the piece of furniture prestigious.

Creativity has no limits

It all depends on the technical and aesthetic choices, and obviously on the piece of furniture.

The materials range from fine wood types, such as walnut, olive and oak, for tables and surfaces in general, to polished stones. From leather upholstery to various types of brocades, from velvet to cloths adorned with diamonds.

The main character in the image below is once again glass, used in its multiple possibilities, from lamps to supports for tables and kitchen furniture.

In well-used rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, materials are sourced with intrinsic durability. This includes surfaces made of granite, or granite-effect material such as porcelain, in the kitchen, and marble, or marble-effect materials such as quartz, in the bathroom. In the bedroom, comfort is king…

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