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Updated: Mar 14, 2018

While you're trying hard to stick to your New Year resolutions, the design world is setting its sights on what styles will be big in 2018. It turns out 2018 will bring big changes. We’re seeing old aesthetics come back into favor and entirely new looks take shape. The industrial rustic theme seems to be the dominate theme for the year. Read on as you plan to modernize you space to suit the new theme.

Wide-dark wood Planks

The popularity of wider wood planks on walls, ceilings and floors has been on the rise. As homeowners are trading out conventional widths for more expansive planks, 5-inch wide planks have become the new classic. Wider planks are the perfect choice for those who prefer rustic or aesthetics. They have a way of providing the room with a sense of history and charm that is rarely found in more mass-engineered looks and there is a strong trend towards random width installations on walls. Additionally, even though the wood will probably be fairly neutral, this year, we’re going bolder. Expect to see the likes of dark oak, mahogany and textured walnut pieces adding a new depth to a room.

Vintage accessories

Design should be anything but boring. We love the idea of this vintage accessories trend because it allows you to give your designs a little something special, a built-in showpiece and potential focal point. Vintage accessories and art tell a story of the industrial rustic theme for this year. Whether it’s your home or office, mixing found items, books and art into your space creates a unique and personal experience.

Bold Colors

2018 will be about anything but neutral tones. Things are moving in a bold direction. Reds, strong blues and vibrant greens, in particular. People are tired of neutral, sometimes find them boring palettes. While neutral shades should still make up a portion of your design, in 2018 it looks like we’ll see them take much more of a background position. You can either go big with statement furniture or use these shades throughout your accessories. In particular, rugs, throw pillows and blankets are a great way to get in on the trend without feeling overly committed.

Darker and mixed finishes and textures

This year, instead of rose and yellow gold, more industrial shades of metal are expected to become the prominent choice. From brass to nickel - will add a more organic element to your space.

Brass is making a comeback and overtaking the ubiquitous rose gold with less high shine materials. Also, look out for matte black in bathrooms as well as kitchens. Homeowners looking for a statement-making look that’s contemporary and complements a variety of materials and styles are embracing this tough, versatile finish. If you’re going to go the route of mixing up metals, remember to pick one dominant metal to carry the room and to use the others as accents.

You should also be sure to match the finishes on each type of metal to help pull them together visually.

Feature walls and Detailing

The ease and availability of engineered wood boards such as medium density fibre (MDF) boards, orient strand boards (OSB), among others, has helped increase its demand and popularity in the Ghana. Before, if you wanted to find engineered wood boards or reclaimed wood, you really had to know where to go and find somebody who was good at working with it. Now, you can DIY it, and put it right against the drywall behind your bed to create a feature wall, or to create that focal point in the living room.

The view from the foyer presents visitors with a burst of green from the philodendron perched on a rustic end table – a wood disc suspended by a round black wire frame. The wood veneer and turquoise walls frame the house plant and compose a landscape of sunny skies and forests in the seating area. The nature-inspired space is augmented with the addition of a hide safari chair, and a slice of tree trunk mounted on black square pipes as a coffee table.

Defined by raw woods, leather accents and light modern pieces, warm minimalism retains the overall sleek aesthetic of minimalism but adds a sumptuous twist that takes note from the mid-century modern look. The aim of the game is to build depth, texture and dimension for a quietly elegant and streamlined space that still feels lived in.

The dining area and kitchen occupy the other half of the open layout, with grey and white shades flowing from background to foreground in balance with the wood grains. The grey of the dining space wall serves as the background for two black and white prints from Alexander Yakovlev’s Mirages series, transitioning to the foreground in the upholstered dining chairs and the cabinets in the kitchens. The wood of the dining surface and matching bench stand in the foreground along with the two bar stools in the dry kitchen, turning to the background for the grey cabinets and counter tops.

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