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Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Why build with straw bales?

  1. Straw-bale building is an exciting and environmentally-friendly way to build homes, classrooms, greenhouses, commercial buildings and virtually any other structure. Using straw bales as super insulating wall material creates houses that are more energy efficient than conventional wood frame buildings. These homes are comfortable in hot or cold weather, and save homeowners money on utility bills. If you add passive and active solar design the utility savings are even greater.

  2. When covered in plaster or adobe, straw bale walls are much more fireproof than wood-frame buildings-a significant benefit in fire-prone areas.

  3. Straw had no nutritional value and is easily burned to prepare the fields for the next planting, adding to air-pollution levels. Building with the straw both clears the air, and puts an otherwise wasted product to highly-efficient use.

  4. Experience with American straw-bale houses, together with tests done over the last two decades, shows that straw may offer some considerable advantages over other building materials.

  5. Ease of construction- Because the straw-bales replace bricks, insulation, and façade material, the result is a simpler building technique. The basic methods can be learned in a few days. This, together with the fact that straw-bale houses are very quickly built, reduces labor costs considerably.

  6. Inexpensive- Since the straw is an agricultural by-product, it is cheap and available in most regions of the world, with little or no transportation cost.

Because of these characteristics, straw-bales is well suited to the needs of many people with limited resources who must build their own houses. The method offers a low-cost house that meets high standards.

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